How To Work Through Your Pain When Caring For Children of Trauma 

Have you ever felt like you just cannot connect with a child in your care? You’ve tried everything but for some reason you feel as if there is this invisible shield around your heart? Well, you might not be the only one.

Melissa Corkum, from The Adoption Connection podcast and The Corkboard Online, offers parents help through her work with a term called Blocked Care.

“When we are caring for a child who has protective walls up, and they’re up for good reason, our nervous system also puts up walls because that is not the type of reciprocal relationship we, as humans, were designed for. And something happens in parents or caregivers called blocked care. Blocked Care is subconscious. Blocked Care is our own body’s protective mechanism, it’s the way we were designed and it doesn’t discriminate between protecting us from an actual threat or from someone we are supposed to love unconditionally and protect.”

Does this sound familiar? Do you have a child of trauma in your home that you love and desire a close relationship with, but because of trauma it just seems like you can’t break through your own walls?

“If you’re in blocked care and your own nervous system is fried, then you aren’t able or ready to take on more tools to help your child.”

But there is hope! Click here to listen to our most recent podcast interview with Melissa Corkum and learn how we can all set up our families for success!

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