Written by Riley Cabe

My name is Riley and I was adopted when I was 10 through foster care.

I remember the day I met my mom, I was 6 years old, she pulled up in a blue car and I told her how happy I was she had a car. I picked up my big black trash bag of random things and put it in her car, I don’t even remember what was in it. But I do know that I was in a giant shirt that was like 1000 times bigger than my body so the next day Mom took me shopping to get my very own new clothes…and that’s when I knew that she was my Mom.

Growing up my parents taught me that my identity wasn’t in anything I did or what had happened to me. There was a lot of mess and chaos that happened in my life before moving in with them, and I could choose to look at my childhood and be a mess of a person, or I could grow up and choose to take what happened to me as a child and make a different life for myself and my future children. Afterall, I am only in control of me myself and I. I am adopted, but my identity and worth isn’t in that. My parents taught me that and I believe that is the best thing they could have done for me and helping me grow and heal. My parents aren’t perfect by any means but they did an amazing job at telling me about my life and adoption.

For anyone out there struggling with your adoption story, I would encourage you to ask about their prior life and don’t be ashamed of the answers you get. Like for instance if your biological parents were/are drug addicts – that doesn’t mean that you are that! You are your own person! You are not responsible for other people and their actions. You can make a change. You can choose what you do and only you. If you don’t like your past and your story, that’s fine. Make a different future for yourself!

Like I said, my name is Riley, I was adopted through foster care, and I’m thankful to know my past but it doesn’t define me, I am more than my adoption.

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