Adult Adoptee Says: I Loved My Childhood

My name is EJ, I’m from Mississippi and I was adopted by my great aunt at 2 weeks old.

I found out I was adopted when I was 5 years old and the way I found out was a little…inconvenient. I always thought my sweet mother was the one who birthed me…

I clearly remember my biological grandmother, my adopted mom’s sister, say to my momma, “Tell that boy you aren’t his real mother.” I was baffled. As a 5 year old I didn’t even know what the word adopted meant.

Now, I always reaffirm my mother on who she is to me. She literally took me from a situation that could have potentially been bad, to a situation that was beautiful and raised me to feel loved and cherished.

The only time adoption comes up now is as a means for my mom to say that she is frustrated with my brother and our antics. I normally smile and say, “As far as I know, I am your biological son.” 🙂

I loved my childhood. My mom is a bundle or joy, literally. She was liked by all the kids, even when she would have to discipline them in grade school. She was revered as the grade school momma and has made long-lasting relationships with her students.

When I met my biological mother and father… I tell you what, it just wasn’t the same… especially after seeing a mother, my mother, who loves so tenderly. My mom gave up her life to raise me. I deserve death, but by and through God’s grace she showed me life.

My mother went out on a limb and gained custody of my other two siblings. She paved an awesome path for me to consider adoption myself one day.

My advice to those out there considering adoption would be… Do it! Single or married. My mother overcame the stereotype of raising children alone to see me and my siblings do well. It’s a chance for children who do not deem themselves as “enough” to know, from you personally, that they are enough.

To adopt means literally giving love to a child who will one day influence the world. They are as arrows in the hand of warriors ready to be shot out into the world. The cool thing is they will have your mark on them.

Also, in these hard times, the world is not hopeless, but has hopeful people in it. Look around you and see the beauty in it all.

~ EJ

Follow EJ on Instagram at:  @ejhibbler

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