28. What It’s Like Growing Up In Foster Care With Former Foster Youth – Carlina

We have continued on from May’s National Foster Care month to share even more inspiring foster stories. One huge part of the system are the children who age out without ever finding a forever home. Today we get to talk with one of those children, Carlina Shotwell.

During our time with Carlina we talk about the day when she and her four siblings were separated, the different homes she was placed, the raw emotions she felt and still feels today, her current relationship with her biological mother, and the book she wrote to inform and inspire people about the desire foster youth have for a family!

Carlina is honest and inspiring; she knows the system was created as a good thing to help children but also wants to shed light on the problems it holds within. This podcast will make you laugh while still informing you of how some youth deal with being placed and passed through foster care.

Definitely stay through until the end to hear about one of Carlina’s recent accomplishments! Sit back, relax, and enjoy our interview with Carlina!

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