45. Advice and Encouragement With Adoption and Illness – Ebie Hepworth

In this weeks episode we sat down with Ebie Hepworth! Ebie is an adoptive mama to two kiddos, Asa and Birdie. Ebie, her husband Zack, and Asa and Birdie have been home together for 2 years, and through all of the joys that come with adoption, their family walks through a very real suffering every day. After being matched with Asa and Birdie, they found out Asa was very sick. Ebie and Zack sold a lot of their things, including their couch, to fundraise for their adoption and move to Liberia to be with their kids until they could travel home. After 4 months of living in Liberia, nothing would prepare them for the news they received when they got back to their home in Boise, Idaho.

We are thankful for Ebie’s vulnerability as she shares with us what it was like finding out her son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a life altering illness. Even in the pain though, Ebie carries with her a hope that is not of this world and is believing in full faith for her son to be healed. Our desire is that you would be filled with hope in the things that seem impossible in your own lives. Enjoy our podcast with Ebie!

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