14. A Behind The Scenes Look Into The Foster Care System With Judge Martinez Jones

In today’s episode of Around the World With the Archibald project we take you into the Austin, TX court house, accompanied with bustling street sounds and all, to interview a judge who works primarily with children and families in foster care.

As someone who has been in orphan and vulnerable children care for a few years now, I’ll be the first to admit that I really didn’t know much about the legal side of the U.S. Foster care system, and in this interview I learned so much from my time with Judge Martinez Jones.

Outside of her incredibly peaceful demeanor and stuffed animal filled chamber, what struck me the most about Judge Martinez Jones is that you can tell she cares so deeply about the children and families she serves. She carefully interviews all parties involved in a case, from children, parents, teachers, CASA volunteers, etc. to ensure that she has the best information possible to make a decision that is healthy and safe for a child and family.

In today’s interview we cover how Judge Martinez Jones actually became a judge, what the legal system is when a child is removed from their home, how the system works with biological families, why family visits and bonding are so important, and how to best approach a loving and healthy relationship with a child of trauma and their biological family.

Okay guys, thanks for tuning in, we know you’re going to love our interview today, sit back, relax and enjoy our time learning from Judge Martinez Jones!

TBRI Child Trauma Resources
Individual State Adoption + Foster Care Info

A HUGE thank you to Julie Kouri from
Fostering Hope Austin, a nonprofit equipping churches and families to transform the lives of foster and adopted children, for connecting us with Judge Martinez Jones!

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