Take A Chance On Me

After being in foster care since age 10, two failed adoptions, and now living in a juvenile detention center because no one would open their home, Darien had given up on finding a family. But after a young couple told Darien they wanted him to come live with them, he had to decide if he would give family one more try or just age out of foster care.

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Foster Care

We have crafted our website to take you on a journey through the foster care process. Please use these resources to learn more from the experiences of foster parents, foster youth who have aged out of care, a bio families.

What TBRI is and How it Will Help You
Before bringing children who have experienced trauma into your home, we believe it is imperative to learn as much as you possibly can about trauma informed parenting. We know that learning about these things could never fully prepare you for what bringing a child into you home will be like, but it is vital to learn as much as you can beforehand.
What is success in trauma parenting?
It’s no secret that parenting through adoption can be difficult and make you feel isolated and alone. But, there is help and hope and today it comes through Melissa Corkum. Melissa is not only a Korean adoptee and adoptive mom herself, but she is a parent coach that helps families find brain-based solutions to challenging behaviors.