The Baxters


Baxter Family Adoption : China

During the late Spring of 2016, Rachel Baxter, then mother to 5, responded to an Instagram post where we asked if any families had an upcoming adoption day. Her desire was to show a normal family stepping outside of their comfort zone to adopt a boy with Down syndrome. We already had a soft spot in our hearts for Down syndrome adoptions since our namesake was a 7 year old boy with an extra chromosome, so immediately our hearts said yes.

Rachel then shared that she had seen Archie’s adoption story 5 years previously and that it had planted a seed in her heart about one day adopting a child with Down syndrome. (Isn’t that the beautiful part of storytelling?! A story we produced 5 years ago was still affecting a family from North Carolina. Story Ripples never cease to exist!)

Dave and Rachel Baxter already had one biological child with D.S so they waited for the right time to add their next child with Downs to their family. Since Ben became a Baxter Rachel has received dozens of messages, from complete strangers, sharing how their family’s adoption story inspired this new family to adopt a child with special needs!

And that is why we do what we do! Many once orphans with Down syndrome out there are now sons and daughters because of this story being told and shared!

Grab your tissues and view the entire story in our video at the bottom of the page.

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