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Our stories are changing lives, but you give life to our stories.

mother holds newly adopted child with her husband standing in the background


Our monthly donors help us continue to tell our stories and advocate for vulnerable children, so we call them our producers.

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-Influenced multiple families to start the foster care process

-Inspired new families to start the adoption process

-Inspired individuals to become CASA Volunteers, which gives foster children a SAFE advocate and friend in the court system

-Influenced people to become Respite Certified so adoptive and foster families can survive the frontlines of caring for vulnerable children

-Inspired college students to change majors to gain a foundational education in humanitarian aid

-Influenced people to move overseas to begin working with ethical orphan care organization, impacting countless generations to come!

-Inspired multiple people to become passionate about family preservation and begin sponsoring vulnerable families to stay together!!!

-Assisted in gaining more sponsorships of food, water, and education for vulnerable children!

-Inspired families to NOT adopt but rather look into local foster care and supporting vulnerable families to STAY together!!!

-Helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for ethical, holistic orphan care organizations around the world

-Provided high quality media to multiple orphan care organizations and families around the world

-Inspired an adult adoptee to find her heritage, find the orphanage she was adopted from and then go volunteer there and is now adopting from there!

Every picture, video, writing, and story from The Archibald Project is helping change the hope and future of vulnerable children. However, none of these stories are produced without YOU. YOU are the heartbeat of The Archibald Project because YOU make each and every story possible. You are investing in the lives of generations and helping author the end of the orphan crisis. Our stories are changing lives, but you give life to our stories.