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Not everyone is called to adopt or foster, but we believe everyone has a part to play.
Find other ways to use your giftings to care for vulnerable children.


Adoption and foster care are incredible ways to care for vulnerable children, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. You might not be ready for such a big commitment or maybe it just isn’t possible in your life. And that’s okay! 

The good news is there are so many other ways to help vulnerable children and support the people who are adopting, fostering, or struggling to keep their family together. Just a little bit of your time, money, or creative mind could be the difference between a child having a safe home or continuing to experience trauma.

Ambassador program

We created the Archibald Ambassador program for young adults who are looking for a way to contribute to and join our mission. Archibald Ambassadors are made up of a team of young adults from around the world who are using their voices and platforms to share our content and educate others on the global orphan crisis. Ambassadors encourage their peers to find tangible ways to serve vulnerable children and families, and they play a key role in our fundraising and outreach efforts as they share The Archibald Project’s stories. Our Ambassadors possess a strong understanding of our mission, vision and values and are committed to advocating for vulnerable children and helping The Archibald Project continue to create impactful stories.

Email [email protected] with the subject line “Ambassador Program” if you are interested in learning more!

Weddings that change the world

As a wedding photographer, YOU are a storyteller.

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life, and as photographers, videographers, and vendors you have the responsibility of making this day memorable and impactful for everyone. By partnering with The Archibald Project your business and your client’s wedding can have greater meaning and lasting impact by helping vulnerable children and families all over the world.

Are you planning a wedding?
Are you a wedding business?

“By linking arms with @TheArchibaldProject  through their Wedding’s That Change the World initiative we’ve committed to giving a percentage of each wedding we’ve been hired to do to help fight the orphan crisis. We know & believe that every little bit matters. It has been a beautiful thing getting to share these stories with our couples all while their wedding photos are changing the world!”


Photo by Weddings That Change The World Photographer: @HalleMorganPhoto

“I have a passion deep in my soul for advocating with and for those who’s voices have been stolen because of circumstances. What an honor it is to be sharing in the vision and mission through photography!
Starting now, whenever you book me as your wedding photographer, a percentage of what I make will go straight to TAP so that they can continue to do incredible & necessary work. Your wedding can change the world. Message me for more information on how to book me as your photographer!”

– @katelynkristinephotography

“Orphan care is one of those things that is engraved into my very being. Everyone has something like that inside them, something they can’t look past. Something that brings tears of heartbreak and joy all at the same time. A way that I am using my wedding photography business to support this calling in me is through @thearchibaldproject.
When you partner with me, your wedding directly impacts the lives of orphans. Which means you and I can reduce the number of orphans…and together, we can change with world.”


Photo by Weddings That Change The World Photographer: @meredith_overbeekphotography

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mother holds newly adopted child with her husband standing in the background


Our monthly donors help us continue to tell our stories and advocate for vulnerable children, so we call them our producers.

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