The Power of Education in Africa’s Largest Urban Slum

Poverty is one of the leading cause for children to become orphaned. Education has the power to reverse this trend. Find out how one organization in Africa’s largest urban slum is tackling this cycle below.

“Poverty is the greatest predictor of children in developing nations being shut out of school, according to a new report by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE)….” 

Today we are introducing you to our next Education Organization, Kibera Penda Project!

As you guys have probably noticed we are promoting the power of education and the important role that education plays in working towards ending the orphan crisis.

Poverty is one of the biggest reasons children are orphaned and one of the best ways to combat poverty is through education.

An educated child is less likely to become a teen mom or a child bride. An educated child is more employable, thus being able to support their future family and help keep children out of orphanages. An educated child is our world’s future!

For the next two weeks we will be sharing about Kibera Penda Project which is an education focused nonprofit working in the largest urban slum in Africa.

The slum is located near downtown Nairobi and is home to nearly 1 million people.

Kibera Penda Project’s goal is to see the next generation break free from the cycle of poverty through providing children with education and the resources needed to succeed.

Stay tuned over the next 2 weeks to find out more about Penda’s children and how YOU can get involved to aid in ending the orphan crisis through education sponsorship!

To read more about Kibera Penda Project click here! 

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