National Adoption Month!

Written and Photography by The Archibald Project

November is National Adoption Month. You’ll probably see an influx of adoption related posts, articles and news stories throughout the month of November and that’s wonderful.  Here at The Archibald Project we’re excited that adoption is getting coverage!

Did you know that the idea to promote adoption during the month of November came from the Governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis, in 1976? Wouldn’t you like to have been in the conference room for that decision? Honestly, we wonder who brought the idea to him…his wife? Perhaps someone in his own life was having trouble conceiving and therefore they adopted and it touched Governor Dukakis’ heart? Or perhaps it was a political move? We don’t know the exact reasoning behind the idea, but we do know that National Adoption Month was born out of the Governor initiating a week in Massachusetts in 1976 to bring awareness to children needing homes.

From there, in 1984, Ronald Reagan declared that it would become ‘national’, and so National Adoption Week was instituted. Then in 1995, Bill Clinton broadened it to a whole month. So here we are, in 2019, experiencing the 24th year of National Adoption Month.

While The Archibald Project loves adoption and are adoptive parents ourselves, we also have a very sober understanding of what adoption entails. There is pain, brokenness, and tragedy all before there can be love and redemption. Adoption can be beautiful, but it’s very real and something that should not be romanticized.

This month we want to honor anyone out there who has been affected by adoption. Perhaps you are an adult who was adopted as a child, or perhaps you’re a birth parent who wasn’t able to raise your babe, or maybe you’re like us and are trying to figure out how to raise children not born from your womb; whoever you are, we see you and we celebrate your life. Throughout National Adoption Month, The Archibald Project will, as always, bring you honest stories of adoption and foster care in order to inspire your own journey as you seek to thrive in caring for vulnerable children.

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