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Have you desired to get involved in making a true difference in the life of a vulnerable child or family? Have you wondered who you could trust? The Archibald Project puts our stamp of approval on supporting Mwana Villages in the Republic of the Congo! 


The Mwana Family isn’t limited to the children and families whom we serve.

It’s also YOU!

It’s our supporters who give financially from the US, France, Canada, Congo…it’s the volunteers who give of themselves for graphic design, construction, medical expertise, accounting and prayer…it’s the advocates who lift us up in prayer and check on their little, big or mama they sponsor. It’s the networkers who share with their coworkers and friends about this little corner of the world that’s making a BIG difference in the lives of some of the most marginalized in the world.

We want YOU to be come part of the Mwana family!

Join us as a sponsor ($30/month per segment to Nest, Nurture, Heal, Empower, Protect one of a Little, Big or Mama) and come alongside our children and families in a beautiful, powerful way.

We invite you to consider how you can engage: would your family come together to sponsor someone? Your child’s classroom? A gift for a coworker or friend? Perhaps consider turning that weekly Starbucks into valuable support… We want to hear from you about how you’re coming alongside as a sponsor and joining US as part of the Mwana Family!

Click here to join the Mwana Family! 

Mwana’s Family Video:

About Mwana:

A Mwana Adoption:

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