Tiffany’s Powerful Adoption Story and Advice! – The Archibald Project

It has been such an honor sharing Adult Adoptee’s adoption stories and advice with you all. We have loved hearing their first hand accounts of what it is like to be adopted. There can be so many fears, assumptions and unknowns around adoption  and we want to break these down for you. We want to educate you and allow you to hear from adults who know what it is like to be adopted…because they were adopted! Let’s break down the stereotypes and fears by learning real stories from real adult adoptees!

This past September we had the honor of interviewing Tiffany from Camp Light Apparel and we were able to hear her testimony of being adopted. She was abused as a baby, homeless and hospitalized at certain points until she and her sister were adopted into their beautiful forever family. Now, years later, Tiffany shares her story, her wisdom and advice to all adoptive parents and adoptees. This is a video you don’t want to miss!

And wonderful behind the scenes detail: The dress Tiffany’s daughter is wearing in this video is the exact same dress Tiffany wore herself on her Gotcha Day over 30 years ago!

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